There are different Award categories in the Excellence in About Awards programme , ranging from marketing, strategy and innovation in technology and customer focus, you can choose which aspects of your business you want to get highlighted. Shout your success from the rooftops and show your people how proud of them you are.

Business Excellence Award
This award celebrates the very best in customer service, customer retention and customer relationship management. The award will go to a company that can demonstrate, across all its business practices, that it is truly "customer-focused". This award honors the company that has continuously provided excellent customer care, and with an exemplary commitment to service.

Quality Excellence Award
The EDF Quality Award appropriate for both Private Sector and Public Sector organizations is based on the Indian Framework for Excellence. Hundreds of organizations have been recognized under the EDF Quality Award.

The "Quality Excellence Award" is given to manufacturing company that has consistently provided exemplary customer service and has a name that stands for quality products and services. The winning company will be the best in its industry, providing superb and excellent services to customers. The award is open to all Indian companies that continuously strive to achieve excellence in customer care service at all times.

Health Excellence Award
Developed in partnership with Health India, as well as health and wellness professionals from across the country, the Healthy Workplace Award recognizes employers who promote, encourage, support and offer exemplary health-related policies and programs in the workplace.

Education Excellence Award
This prestigious Award is conferred upon the outstanding achievers from all over the country and abroad, who has worked incessantly to promote education through words and deeds, an understanding of responsible citizenship and for the benefit of free society.

Customer Service Excellence Award
The quality of customer service is a key part of any visitor experience. Open to any tourism business that can demonstrate the business benefits from implementing a customer service initiative, the judging panel will be looking in particular at the delivery of the initiative, the customer feedback and monitoring processes used to evaluate service standards, and future plans for enhancing high standards of customer care.

The "Customer Service Excellence Award" is given to company that has provided exemplary service to all its customers. Recognizing the company that offers the best customer service and sets an example of best practices in the industry, the award is open to all companies in the region

Economic Development Leadership Award
EDF recognizes a professional who has attained outstanding achievement and who has consistently supported the vision and goals of economic development of the country.

Tourism & Hospitality Excellence Award
The Tourism & Hospitality Excellence Award is a new initiative introduced by Economic Development Forum to celebrate excellence and professionalism and to encourage world-class performance in Indian tourism in an increasingly competitive business environment.

The "Tourism & Hospitality Excellence Award" recognizes a hotel (individual or chain) in the Country that has consistently provided exemplary customer service and has a brand name that stands for quality. The recipient will be the best in the region's industry, providing superb and excellent services to its guests and customers.

The awards have been instituted to give recognition to the travel industry for its outstanding performances, nationally, in various tourism segments and interests and are also based on its revenue earnings, services and facilities.

Emerging Company of the Year Awards
This Award will go to the Company/organisation that can best demonstrate a company-wide commitment to Corporate Sustainability. The judges will look for evidence of a clearly expressed and widely communicated corporate sustainability strategy with a main focus on actions launched to manage risk prevention from a commercial, environmental, governance and social development perspective above and beyond the requirements set by legislation.

Entrepreneur of the Year
This award will be won by a truly impressive individual who has contributed to his company, industry sector and the wider community. This Award will go to the outstanding individual who can best demonstrate exceptional vision and leadership in the establishment and development of an owner-led business. The judges will look for clear identification of the market opportunity, an innovative approach and evidence of strong financial performance in terms of sales and profit growth.

The Economic Development Partnership Award
This award recognizes outstanding and innovative development projects that have significantly enhanced the economic revitalization of distressed communities, states, or regions. Winners represent efforts in which larger private contributions have been added to smaller, vital public commitments Citizen Leadership Award.

This award recognizes a community or business leader, or an individual who is not an economic development practitioner, but who plays a key leadership role.

The Business Leader of the Year Award
This Award is by nomination only, and will go to the outstanding individual who has best demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision. The judges will be looking for evidence of how, under the leadership of the entrant, the organisation has significantly improved performance for its stakeholders - employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Young CEO Excellence Award
The "Young CEO Excellence Award" recognizes the accomplishments of a young CEO who has achieved notable success within a very short period of time. It seeks to honour those young leaders who have shown tremendous leadership potential at a young age and are sure to make even greater contributions to their organization's success in the future.

Woman CEO Excellence Award
The "Woman CEO Excellence Award" recognizes top performing, women professionals from business organizations in the Country . This award highlights the important role women occupy in today's economy and provides the recognition to inspire the next generation of women leaders

Banking and Finance CEO Excellence Award
The "Banking and Finance CEO Excellence Award" recognizes the foremost leader in the banking and financial sector and honors his or her leadership, management capabilities, insights on global economic changes and financial success. The judges look at the nominees' histories and their roles in encouraging an innovative, model corporate culture

Construction and Property Development CEO Excellence Award
The "Construction and Property Development CEO Excellence Award" recognizes an individual which continually exhibits excellence by delivering high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and standards, goal attainment and ongoing development in the creation of a strong organization. It will recognize his/her multidisciplinary capacity to define suitable resources as a key element of building a new strategy for sustainable corporate development.

Service Industry CEO Excellence Award
The "Service Industry CEO Excellence Award" honors the achievements of a leader within the service industry, whose innovation and direction has taken his/her organization to uncharted levels of service excellence and professionalism. It recognizes the winner's clear insight on the pulse of indian service industry and the latest global trends and related demands.

Young Woman Excellence Award
The "Young Woman Excellence Award" honors the vision, flair, acumen, professionalism, and business ethics of a young woman who has established a business and led it to success. This award is a means to encourage to all young businesswomen in the Middle East in their mission to take the regional economy to new heights.

Corporate Management CEO Excellence Award
The "Corporate Management CEO Excellence Award" award honors the distinct achievements of a CEO who has contributed to his/her organization's growth by developing and implementing exceptional executive and employee development programs. The winner of this award knows that a dedicated, skilled, creative, productive, and effective management team is the cornerstone of any organization's success and has made management development an integral part of his / her organizational development strategy.

Healthcare Customer Care Excellence Award
The "Healthcare Customer Care Excellence Award" is given to a company that has consistently provided exemplary customer service and has a brand name that stands for quality. The award recipient will be the best in its industry and is open to all Indian Health Care Companies that strive to achieve service excellence at all times.

Lifetime Achievement Awards
The Lifetime Achievement Award honors distinguished global figures who have made exceptional contributions to good governance, business leadership and humanitarian causes. Presented each year as the flagship of the Forum's awards programs, it advocates excellence and inspires others to follow the lead of individuals who have made a positive impact on the lives of many.

e-Business Portal Excellence Award
The "e-Business Portal Excellence Award" recognizes an eBusiness portal, from the country, that offers multiple online services as a "one stop shop" for customers. Vibrant, easy to use, informative, and transactional, the winning portal will serve as an example for other organizations to follow when setting up their portals.