Most Important Event You Will Attend in 2017.

Learn From Some of Most Inspiring Achievers.

The Global-Indian Achievers Summit 2017 Is initiated by the Economic Development Forum to serve as a forum to inspire leaders, exchange ideas and opinions about practical leadership challenges, and to enable leaders to benchmark good practices. The summit is held every year.

If you're ready for change and to get the results you deserve and you want to connect at a higher level and learn from world leaders, you have come to the right place.

The Global-Indian Achiever's Summit where Achiever's Connect to change their business and the Indian Economy. you'll hear from experts and specialists from all corners of the Globe - each with unmatched track records in the field.

At The Global Indian Achievers summit you'll learn world class strategies, tactics, tools, philosophies; you will learn the mind set of high achievement that will allow you to overcome the current challenges that exist right now in INDIA for small to medium sized business owners.

The EDF Global -Indian Achievers Summit offers you an unprecedented opportunity to hand-pick from world-leading Achievers. And manage Your Ultimate Success. Some of what you'll discover from the summit.

  • Learn Inspiring Stories of Success and High Achievement.
  • Raise your standards, and goals, to the next level, and how to get
          there faster.
  • Ask the question you have always dreamed of asking from the
  • Gain key insights into their winning edge mindset.
  • How vision is critical to building momentum and maximising success
          and achievement.
  • Move your Career and Life to the next level.
  • Staying motivated on your journey to success and achievement.
  • Surround yourself with those sharing an outstanding Achiever's
  • Create connections to help you move to the next level.
  • Create the psychology of success and achievement.
  • How to grow your wealth in any economy.
  • Measuring success the key factors that influence your outcomes.

The "Economic Development Forum" and their well groomed teams with long year of successful managerial expertise have jointly been holding national and international seminars for the past many year to promote intra country and global partnerships amongst Indian and foreign entrepreneurs with the aim to project India as an emerging economics power and the share its benefits in a host of public related sector like trade, commerce , industry , technology , science, banking health education social & public service.

To further upgrade the economic landscape nationally and Internationally, and to further facilitates active global interaction at personal level between Indian & foreign entrepreneurs, in the above said sector, our forum has been organising national and international seminar at various locations globally.

At our national & International seminar the participating delegate in recognition of their exemplary performance in respective fields are presented with award of excellence: a symbol of moral boost, a Distinct stamp of identity and above all, a beacon of hope for the upcoming entrepreneurs for their exposure at national and International Levels.

Singapore,Dubai, and New Delhi

The Conventions at Singapore, Dubai, and New Delhi belong to the annual program of Excellence in Economic Developments Awards, Economic Developments Forum, created to recognize the prestige of leading companies, organizations and entrepreneurs.

Many companies have expressed their preferences in attending International Conventions in leading cities such Singapore , Dubai, and New Delhi.

The International delegations are accommodated in leading hotels in these cities. The news of the business convention is published in multiple communication mediums coordinated a media campaign.

The activities of the Economic Developments Forum Convention begin with the Welcoming Reception. The Convention staff will be present along will greet the participating delegations. The activity will be recorded by cameras and photographers. During the Welcoming Reception the delegates will be filmed and will be incorporated into the general recordings of the event.

International Summit promises to open new doors for Participants /Delegates, providing a fantastic opportunity to learn and interact with their peers from around the globe. Participants would also have the chance to pursue new business opportunities and interact with leading companies from the various sectors especially from Food Processing, Agriculture, Biotech,Energy, Engineering and other Trade and Service industries. The Summit is an ideal platform for your business, if you want to explore new markets, and network relevantly for immediate results.

Learn the latest market trends through presentations and dialogue by the best in the business, explore new business opportunities, display your products and services and acquire the latest technologies.

Economic Development Forum invite you to the India-International Achiever's Summit to be part of this exciting, dynamic phenomenon.

Summit will bring together experts from various countries presenting their particular advantages in the respective sector. EDF's Summit will provide ideal platform to tap into global supply chains and be a part of what is clearly a worldwide movement towards market-driven economies.

Interaction with Business Organisations will also introduce you to a clear roadmap of how to do business in certain nations that may have been unclear or restrictive at the outset.

This Summit will not only directly benefit your business through pre-arranged meetings but also allow you to cross-network into peripheral areas, yielding some surprising new opportunities for your business.

"It is up to us to give ourselves recognition. If we wait for it to come from others, we feel resentful when it doesn't, and when it does, we may well reject it."
--Spencer Tracy