I would like to extend a warm welcome and thank you for visiting this website.

The Excellence in About Awards was set up as a platform to recognize achievements of professionals and organizations from all regions. It has instituted excellence awards programmes in industry sectors like Tourism, Industry, Education, IT, Health, Banking, etc. And also programmes to honour individual contributions of Women Entrepreneurs , CEOs and business functions like customer care, eGovernance etc.

The key objective was to identify and highlight key contributors to our economy thus inspiring others to raise their level of functioning. Our award programmes have gained massive popularity among key business organizations, their leaders, and media which proves that our efforts are adding significant value to the Indian society and we are determined to continue this good work.

Our award programmes are reputed for the transparent and competitive selection procedures that enabled it to become what it is today. It has worked hard to establish a strong identity as a promoter of qualitative knowledge and ambitious leaders. In addition, it created a valuable dialogue process with people around the world and nurtured friendships among them.

We welcome new ideas, suggestions to improve our existing programmes from each one of you.

Hope to see you in our future events.
Deepak Johri